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Valentine Chocolates- the good, bad, and ugly

The next 2 weeks will be a full assault of chocolate, and everywhere you look you’ll see hearts.

All holiday candies have their heroes and hobos, and Valentine’s Day has some of the best (and worst) of both kinds.

Let’s start with the GOOD ones…

My favorites are the simplest ones. The Red Foil wrapped chocolate hearts, and you can’t go wrong with See’s.

Any hand made, or artsy chocolate tastes better when it’s presented in a pretty box. Just look at these from Burdick’s, Sucre, and Norman Love. All are incredible on their own, and the packaging makes them even better if that was possible…

Now let’s move onto the BAD, shall we?

Do you like sickenly sweet syrup surrounded by sub-par chocolate. Do you like strange lumps in said syrup? Do you like the syrup to explode out of its center, and possibly squirt out of your mouth? Then these are for you…

Yes, the Cherry Cordial has all of the above qualities, and more. These are the cheap, no-tell motels, of chocolates. Seriously? Who eats these things?

So let’s round this tri-fecta out with the UGLY…

These boxes are sentimental, charming, and ugly. The tops of the boxes resemble casket lining and/or toddler beauty queen dresses. The candy inside is a weird assortment of cremes, nut clusters, and other stomach turning confections. To top it off,  there is only one lonely caramel in the whole bunch. What gives?

However, the thought that goes along with the gift is very sweet, so we can give these boxes a pass.

So this Valentine’s Day treat your sweetie, or yourself to some outstanding chocolates and leave the Cherry Cordials for the grocery outlet.