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Chocolove Milk Chocolate, smooth operator

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Next tasting in the Chocolove bar flight is the Milk Chocolate, and it is excellent. Just pure flavor; so smooth and rich, but not too sweet. In fact, the back of the wrapper explains that it’s not too sweet because of the 33% cocoa content.

It’s made in Belgium, and packaged in the U.S. And the packaging is beautiful with the inside wrapper containing a love poem. I’m glad for my sake that I bought the small version, because the full-sized version would have been gobbled down within the day. The small size version would be perfect in a gift bag, or care package. You will make anyone’s day better by giving them one of these. Or, better yet, just buy one for yourself. You can thank me later.


Who doesn’t love homemade Rice Krispy Treats?

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In the spirit of Marshmallow Week, I’m talking about the kind that you make in your kitchen, not those pre-made hunks of styrofoam. The real things are chewy, crispy, and less than 10 minutes to make.

I use the traditional recipe, with a few tweaks. Plus, the fact that the house is so hot this summer, I use the microwave. Don’t go cheap and buy the store brand cereal and marshmallows, for the love. Note: they are called Rice Krispy Treats not Crisped Rice treats! Use Rice Krispies, and soft Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows. The difference is pennies, and the results so much better.


3 Tablespoons butter

1 (10 oz. ) bag Kraft Jet Puffed regular size or mini marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispy cereal (honestly, I just pour them in until I like the consistency.)


1. Butter a 9″ x 13″ pan (I use glass)

2. Put 3 Tablespoons butter and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl.

3. Microwave for 1 minute, check that they are puffing up, and microwave for another minute. Or, until they are doubled in size.

4. Stir mixture to combine, and add Rice Krispies.

5. Use parchment paper to press mixture into buttered pan.

6. Put pan in the refrigerator to harden them up so you can eat them soon! Soak the bowl, and the mixing spoon for 15 minutes, and the marshmallows and krispies will come right off.

Here are some photos to show you what the marshmallows should look like.

before microwaving…

after one minute

after two minutes

mix it together and press it in the pan with parchment paper

(geeze, my hand looks huge…)

Here’s a chocolate version from Martha Stewart

The only thing I’d change is the pan size because I don’t like my Krispy Treats too thick. Enjoy!

Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa/Cacao (could be called 99% caca)…

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or a substitute for Ipacac.

Normally, I’m a Lindt fan, but here’s where I draw the line. Apparently I am not a huge fan of total cocoa, either….I admit it, I just don’t understand the challenge of “enjoying food”. If it doesn’t taste good after the 3rd bite, I can move on. My apologies to all the food traveler t.v. shows, I’m just not as cool as you. Now,  there are things that I love which make others cringe such as oysters, and gin martinis (not together, of course), so my palette isn’t completely juvenile.

This dark, dark, chocolate bar is shiny, and thin, with a good snap as you break apart the tiny piece which is about to sear into your tongue.

The wrapper comes complete with directions for optimum eating enjoyment. This should serve as a warning, you never should need instructions when eating candy!
Here are the directions, which are full of fancy spellings and the royal “we” so that once you eat this you will feel you have really accomplished something in your life, like a gustatory decathlon. *

“Excellence 99% is a unique chocolate that reveals all the strength and richness of cocoa beans. To fully appreciate all its flavours (note the fancy spelling),
we recommend that your progressively develop your palate through our range of high cocoa content chocolate bars, starting with Excellence 70%, then Excellence 85% and finally 99%.
The best way to experience Excellence 99% Cocoa is to break off a small piece and allow it to melt slowly in your mouth. To taste the full bouquet of chocolate aromas, try accompanying your tasting with some coffee.”

Or wash it down with a fifth of jack so that you can forget that you ever were so silly as to buy bakers chocolate with a marketing spin.

This 99% is not eaten by 99% who occupied Wall Street. In fact, I doubt it’s eaten by .005%. But, if you enjoy it…good for you, you’re a better man than I!

* Many thanks to my brilliant sister, Eleanor,  who discovered this dark chocolate silliness, and wrote much of this post.