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Two great tastes that taste great together….

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Rhubarb by itself is pretty bitter, and thus we owe a debt of gratitude to the first person who thought to pair it with strawberries.

I am a huge fan of strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s simple, no frills, comfort food.

My kind neighbor dropped off a large bunch off rhubarb by my door and I knew that it was time to make a pie. The first thing I did was search for top-rated recipes and then scan them to see which had the simplest ingredients. I also did not want to add corn starch…it’s just a personal preference…

The recipe that I made¬†came from the wonderful blog Smitten Kitchen.If you haven’t visited this site before, stop what you are doing and head over there for a while…I’ll wait…

Ok, now that you are back, let’s talk pie. I followed the filling recipe to the letter, but I cheated and used a pre-made pillsbury pie crust. I’m sure that her pie crust recipe would have been fabulous, but I was in a hurry…

This was the recipe that I used and I was very happy with the results.

Look how basic the ingredients are

Mix everything in a bowl, make sure that the tapioca in well blended in.

It all fits into the pie plate and is ready for the oven.

A lattice crust makes it extra-home made!

The whole pie took minutes to assemble, and when paired with organic, vanilla ice cream, it was gone in minutes!