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McCormick’s Irish Cream, a new favorite for price, taste, and in my coffee…

mccormick's irish cream

I am a big fan of Baileys Irish Cream, but I am also cheap, so when I spotted this in the liquor store for less than half the price of Baileys, I had to try it. I’m glad I did. (Don’t confuse this with the stuff in the grocery store, this is a real liqueur.)

McCormick’s is made in Ireland, you can taste the whiskey and cream with slight notes of coffee and cocoa. I found it very close to Baileys, but not as thick. Since I use Irish Cream in my coffee when I go skiing, I think I’ll stick with the McCormick’s. By the way, Irish Cream goes bad, so drink yours up within 6 months of buying it.

Here’s my mix for a yummy cup of coffee when you need to warm up this winter.

2 parts Irish Cream
1 Part Kahulua
1 Part Irish Whiskey like Bushmills or Jameson.

Mix together and keep in a flask, jar, thermos, etc. and add to your coffee in an amount that works for you. Be careful, and for heavens sake don’t drive after drinking this. In fact, don’t ski after drinking two of these….