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Cats taste surprisingly like licorice….

That’s because they are licorice, silly!
Here we have Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Cats.
Now I don’t know what is Dutch about the licorice. In our American vernacular, anything Dutch usually means it’s been split in half; Dutch door, going Dutch. This licorice tastes full strength to me.
According to the letter on the back of the bag from Gerrit (where’s Gustaf?), the folks in Holland consume the most black licorice of any country in the world. I wonder if they get heart palpitation like I do after eating far too much in one day….I also wonder, “why licorice?” Do they crave licorice after visiting those coffee shops which used to sell pot, but now can’t? Hmmm, so many questions…
As for the cats. They are about an inch tall, and pretty good.
I found them at World Market, which should get an international candy award for all of the amazing treats they carry. They were $1.99, and worth the price.



Road Trip Candy, and Snacks

It’s almost that time of year when we jump into the car and drive for hours to the grandparents’ for Thanksgiving, and then back home, totaling 10-plus hours each way…uggg.

The way I make it bearable is with a bookstore worth of magazines, and candy, of course!

Here are my top choices for the long drive:

1. Atomic Fireballs: the heat keeps me awake when I’m driving

2. Strawberry Twizzlers: Chewy goodness, a little stale makes them even better

3. Milk Duds: more chewy goodness, just don’t lose one in the car, your dog will find it later, and you’ll be sorry.

4. Cheez-its: salty, crunchy, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get a box with lots of browned ones, they’re Cheez-it gold!

5. White grapes: hey, you need your fruit

So whether you are driving, or flying this week, be safe and enjoy your snacks.

Red Vines or Twizzlers? Pick a side.

Two kinds of chewy psuedo-licorice, two completely different tastes.

I am a Twizzlers kind of gal. I’ll eat Red Vines when camping, or on a car trip, but those are about the only times.

My kids like both. I think they favor Red Vines because they come in that huge tub from Costco.

My husband likes neither.

I prefer strawberry Twizzlers when they get a bit stale so there’s more chew. I really like chocolate Twizzlers, probably because they remind me of the penny candy counter of my youth.

Red Vines seem like I’m eating red air. There isn’t much to them, and what flavor are they? I know that you can use them as a straw, and that’s a plus.

So what do you think? Let me know…I’m curious.

Today is National Licorice Day!

Woohoo! I love licorice..jelly beans, Crows, Good and Plenty, Sambuca, etc., and today is dedicated especially to that marvelous flavor. I’m sure that the House and Senate have set aside a special celebration….

I know that black licorice is a polarizing candy, and to the haters out there all I can say is “more for me!”

I will celebrate by sampling some Newman’s Own strawberry, and black licorice. The only problem is that I don’t know when to stop.

Parking lot candy…a new phrase…

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This isn’t code for anything illicit. It’s a happy thing.

It’s what happens when I buy candy at the store, open it in the car, and start to enjoy it before I leave the parking lot. Licorice is the most common of these, followed by anything chocolate. If I’m at an import store, it’s always RountreeĀ  Fruit Pastilles. The problem with parking lot candy is that you have to rip into the bag, frequently spilling the contents on you lap and onto the floor. My dogs love this problem. Am I the only one who does this, I doubt it…

* thanks to planet retro for the image

Warning-Too much licorice is not a good thing…

Should packages of real licorice carry a warning for folks like me who can’t stop at just 10 pieces? Last week, after consuming an entire package of Newman’s Own Strawberry licorice in an afternoon (it was a small package, ok) I started to get heart palpitations. I figured it was just a reaction to the latest teenage-related incident at my house. But no, yesterday I ate a few (ok, quite a few) black tire tread licorice bites, and lo and behold, heart palpitations again!

I checked out the licorice entry on wikipedia and there at the bottom it talks about toxicity from licorice CANDY!!! This is a first for me, I knew that you could make yourself sick from gorging on candy, but you can also bring on hypertension and edema…so go easy on the stuff.

Tire Tread Red Licorice – I might need an intervention

This was in the organic section of my local Yoke’s grocery store. In the interest of research I grabbed a bag, and didn’t have any expectations.

It’s fantastic. These little, one-inch squares are made of layered strands of licorice. They do look like tire treads, thus the name. Funny thing, they are made in Finland. I think this is a first for the blog!

The flavor is a mix of berries. A good, firm texture and slightly sticky surface creates a good chew. The bag is pricey, but the quality is so much higher than the regular candy aisle fare. I think you are getting your money’s worth here. The only draw back is how fast you can go through a bag, which can leave you with a stomach ache. So, share this with your friends and you won’t hate yourself in the morning.