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Coconut Cadbury Rice Krispies “Scotch Eggs”

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

This is so clever, and the best/most creative use for Cadbury Creme Eggs (of which I am not a fan). When wrapped in Rice Krispy treats, they resemble Scotch Eggs.

These come to us from the inventive blog “Coconut & Lime”.

I doubt that I’d eat one of these, even on a dare, but I must admit that they are a fantastic creation!


What to do with left over Easter Candy……

Unlike me, you likely have left over candy. I saw this great recipe for Chocolate Malt cupcakes from My Baking Addiction blog (no relation to mine, except in my heart), and wanted to share it with you. The lovely photo is also theirs.

Now I’m off to the store to search for discounted Robin’s Eggs. Toodle-oo.

White Chocolate is neither white, nor chocolate, discuss…

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White chocolate is really not true chocolate and everyone knows this. It is made with cocoa butter from cocoa plants, but it has no cocoa solids. And, is not white either. It is a light yellow like unsalted butter. Thus the name is a total farce and must have been conjured up by Big Chocolate to fool us all…

In any case, I adore real white chocolate (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not chocolate, see above). According to Wikipedia, the stuff I love has manufacturing standards: Regulations govern what may be marketed as “white chocolate”: In the United States, since 2004, white chocolate must be (by weight) at least 20% cocoa butter,  14% total milk solids, and 3.5% milk fat, and no more than 55% sugar or other sweeteners. Anything that doesn’t meet these standards is called confectionery coating, or almond bark, and is likely made with hydrogenated oils, eeeeeeww. (I added that last part.)

White chocolate, like black licorice and coconut is a polarizing candy. There is no middle ground here. You love it or not. Some have complained of its waxy nature, and I agree, the cheap stuff is awful, but so is any cheap candy.

The real stuff is velvety smooth, with a light vanilla flavor as it melts in your mouth. It has less of the snap of white or dark chocolate, and it is so sweet that I can’t over indulge.

If you want an amazing white chocolate experience, try Lake Champlain. You won’t be disappointed. The image above is from Cardullo’s in Harvard Square, a wonderland of imported candy, and you can order a bunny or two from there.

Another way to enjoy white chocolate it is in baked goods. My friend has a wonderful cooking bog, and she has a recipe for Blueberry-White Chocolate Blondies. These are worth making, and do it soon!

I have adored the white stuff since childhood, and it used to be only available at Easter. It still takes willpower for me not to buy a white chocolate bunny on each trip to the grocery store. SO far this year, none have made it into my cart, but I feel my resistance weakening….I will soon need to bite the ears off of a sweet bunny, everyone knows that you start with the ears…

So let’s put the polarizing language away and admit that White Chocolate isn’t chocolate. It’s the cosmo of martinis, not the real thing, but darned good anyway.

Power to the Peeps

The winner of the Washington Post Peep Diorama contest has been chosen. It’s timely, and hilarious.

Click here to see Power to the Peeps

note how the Peep bunnies are the instigators..I’ve never trusted them….

I also love the runners up, especially the gladiator Peep scene. Note how the Peep Emperor gives the “thumbs down”, another example of Peep bunny malevolence.

Side note: I have yet to eat a Peep in the last 10 years, but my friend Annette makes “Smeeps” (s’mores-peeps), and this might be the year I give in and eat a Peep, but not the bunny kind!

Cadbury Mini Eggs, for breakfast and beyond…

I am completely crazy for Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are sold only around Easter here in the USA, but in Canada they are sold year-round. (I believe that the Canadian version is superior since they are made with the English Cadbury chocolate.) Whenever I head up to our neighbor to the North, I always stock up on these. Or, I should just be honest here…I go to Canada to buy Cadbury…the border agents don’t believe me when all I have to declare is candy…

Apparently the Mini Egg has quite a fan base. Their facebook page has over 3,900 likes.

They are the perfect candy; a crunchy shell and a chocolate center, all decorated in the most beautiful pastel shades, and look beautiful displayed in glass jars, or cut crystal bowls. It just makes me happy!

Some very clever bakers have used them to make traditional baked goods even better.

Check out this recipe for scones (above) made with mini eggs. Although these really aren’t for breakfast, I think it wouldn’t kill me to eat one at 10 a.m. with a nice cup of  tea.

Or, how about mini egg blondies? They’re so pretty.

So to wrap it up, Cadbury Mini Eggs are what happiness tastes like!

thanks to for the beautiful image at the top of this post.

More Peep craziness!

The Peep craze is out of control, and it has more to do with decorating, and arts and crafts, than with eating the little fellows. However, they do make me happy just to look at them…eating them is another story for later…

Check out Peep Sushi from Lauren Conrad

How about a Peep wreath? Surely this would only be for inside, and in case you’re lonely, you’ll soon have 1,500 ant friends. Click here for the tutorial.

Peep Flower display, which I must admit is very cheerful. I wish I could credit this to someone, but I couldn’t find a link on Pinterest.

Peep sunflower cake..very cheerful, and creative. It would make a better centerpiece than a dessert……Brought to you by Taste of Home

…and I’m afraid that the good folks at Martha Stewart have finally lost their minds, as Dieter would say “Was ist das?!”

So, apparently the love of all things Peeps knows know bounds. Keep creating, and I’ll keep posting.

Junior Mints in Easter Camo!

Look what has popped up in stores for Easter! Pretty Junior Mints in happy Easter pastels.

The Agnostic box is just called Junior Mint Pastels.

My friend Rebecca found a box of the Easter ones at the Dollar store, and they taste just like the regular version, which is odd, since they aren’t chocolate brown…they do look lovely in a candy bowl, and I bet they would be great on cupcakes.

If your looking for a great deal on mini boxes for Easter baskets, checkout Oriental Trading Company. The boxes are Easter colors, but the insides are regular, still, it’s a good price at $1.99 for a bag of 16 boxes.

No matter if you buy the Easter, or the secular version, they taste great frozen!