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DRY Soda is anything but dry and is fantastic!

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DRY Soda

Summer is here and I’ve been looking for a refreshing beverage that is 1.low in sugar and 2.tasty 3.could serve as a mixer with vodka, etc.

Here it is! DRY Soda makes flavored seltzer water for adults. It’s all natural with only 4 ingredients! It comes from Seattle and the company is committed to helping small farmers and producers and giving back to those communities.

From their web site:

“DRY Soda is excited to continue its commitment to local food producers through DRY Gives Back. DRY Soda celebrates our country’s independent farmers and producers and we want to inspire others to seek out and buy local foods whenever possible. In addition, DRY Soda will continue to sponsor events that recognize and support local food and producers.”

It comes in multiple flavors: Blood Orange, Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Apple, Cherry, Rhubarb(!), Lavender, Juniper Berry, Cucumber, Wild Lime, and Pear. Not all flavors are available at all retailers.

I have tried the Cucumber and it’s perfect on a warm day, and might be great mixed with a little gin. The blood orange is just a hint bitter and very refreshing and the Vanilla is like a cream soda without all of the sugar. It takes me back to grade school field trips because Cream Soda was what I would bring with my sack lunch.

The sodas come in bottles and cans, and cost about $1.25 each and they are truly worth the cost. Visit their web site for all of the info.

I will be posting cocktails made with these soon. Here’s a link to DRY’s cocktail recipes.



Assorted Goods & Candy-an amazing store

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This tiny gem of a store is located in Louisville, Colorado which is about 8 miles from Boulder. The owner clearly has a passion for candy. The store is filled from floor to ceiling with candy, vintage toys, gifts, bags, and everything sweet that you could imagine. The owner’s sweet puppy, named Luna, greets guests.

I found a great selection of  imported candies including my favorite Curly Wurly bar. I had to restrain myself from buying half the store.

Visit the web site , and have a smile.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.56.00 PM

If you are on your way to Boulder, stop in Louisville and pick up a bag of sweets and smiles for your trip.

A bookish Robbie Benson and a young Ralph Mouth discover Reese’s

Ah youth…enjoy…

Chatelaine Chocolate, Montana’s gift to you

La chatelaine candy case

Bozeman, Montana is home to 2 great chocolatiers. La Châtelaine Chocolat Co. makes artfully crafted little gems filled with delectable flavors. According to their web site this company was started by a Frenchman (and his American wife) who created La Châtelaine after longing for the delectable chocolates from childhood. The two owners have trained in San Francisco and Paris. They also make pilgrimages to France each summer to expand their culinary repertoire. It sounds like they are living their dream, and we reap the delicious results…

I tried the tiramisu, and the blood orange. Each were tiny bites of perfectly balanced flavor and sweetness. The flavors which they make range from Cocoa Nib Caramel to King Bourbon. One of the fascinating combinations which they create is as follows: French Marigold which is White Chocolate Ganache infused with Fleur de Marigold Petals (really!) and Meyer Lemon covered in dark chocolate…whoa! Here’s another: Pain D’epices has in it Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Anise and Honey in Dark Chocolate Ganache with Dried Orange.

It’s no wonder that these candies are fairly pricey, but one piece will satisfy you due to its full flavor and richness.

La Chatelaine Caramels

I bought a little box of caramels and rationed one out each day. They are gone now, but their sweet memory lives on…

La Chatelaine

The box in which these come in is reminiscent of something from Paris. I would keep the box after all of the candy was gone. This would make a fantastic gift for the pickiest of candy connoisseurs.

I highly recommend that you visit their site to purchase these as a gift for your valentine. It will be a box of chocolate that will never be forgotten, and one that comes from Montana as well.

Real chocolate jimmies, at last!

When I was little, the sprinkles on ice cream were called jimmies, and they were real chocolate. Today’s sprinkles found on the grocery shelves are made with oils and artificial flavors and colors. They are just plain gross.
I had given up on finding chocolate jimmies and was ready to put them in my in memoriam section in the blog, but what to my wondering eyes should appear at the Whole Foods, but the real thing! These are called dark chocolate vermicelli, but believe me, these are the jimmies of my youth. Horray!

Side note: Jimmies were recently accused of being a racial slur. This is untue, and it is vetted on snopes. End of story.



Summer begins at Fanci Freez

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If your travels ever take you to Boise, Idaho you must have a shake or ice cream treat from Fanci Freez drive in. They offer over 50 flavor of shakes and sundaes. They have a crazy thing called a Boston Shake which is a shake with a sundae on top. Now, I grew up in Boston, and I have never seen this before….
This place is a gem, a wonderful throwback to simpler times.
Check it out if you can.




Bit-O’-Honey….Give it the pinch test

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Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.54.28 PMHere’s an underrated candy. It’s  a “bit” sweet, and if your lucky, it’s chewy, too. It’s made with almonds, honey, egg whites and various other things. It’s nostalgic, and a one-of-a-kind candy.

The year was 1924, flappers were flapping and Bit-O-Honey was born. Quickly it became the Bees Knees, the Talk of the Town, The Cat’s Pajamas…  I believe some of the original candies still exist on store shelves. This is why I always give the candy a little pinch. If it is rock-hard, consume at your teeth’s peril. If the candy gives a little at the pinch, it is still good. Tip: If you are trying to soften up a tough piece, keep it in a warm car for a while…just not on the seat, and not for too long.

It comes in 2 forms; a sectioned bar, and wrapped candies. I think the wrapped candies are best. The bar is hard to break apart and your hands get sticky, too.

Bit-O-Honey can be found just about anywhere. I found a small bag at the Dollar Store yesterday. If you haven’t had a taste since grade school, treat yourself to a piece and get re-aquainted to an old favorite.

The brand was just bought from Nestle by an American company called Pearson Candy to which I say Bravo, and long live Bit-O-Honey!