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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Greyhounds on grey days….


These are grey days in North Idaho, sprinkled with some snow, but mostly overcast and grey….

Time for a cocktail with citrus (to keep scurvy at bay, for goodness sake)!

This is an old favorite that I re-discovered at the new Sky Lodge bar at Schweitzer Mountain. If you haven’t skied at Schweitzer, you’re missing out on great snow and no lift lines.

Back to the cocktail….It’s super easy and very good.


Start with a ruby-red, pink grapefruit, peeled and remove as much of the pithy skin. Section in into quarters with a serrated knife.


Place the section in the bottom of a heavy glass and muddle to release the juice and mush the pulp.


Muddle, muddle, muddle…


Fill glass with crushed ice, and pour 1 inch of vodka (more or less depending on how grey the day is).


Top off with pink grapefruit juice, and if you like a bit of fizz, add a splash of sparkling water/club soda.

Enjoy and remember, Spring will be here in June.