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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Moo Chocolate, udderly delicious

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Yesterday I was in the Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA, and found this wonderful chocolate. It comes from, and is made by Alex’s mom.

This is Alex. He was handing out samples, and as soon as I had my first bite, I was hooked. This is as smooth as Swiss chocolate. They add treats to their bars such as rice krispies, graham crackers, corn flakes, and granola.


To make this even better, they are all natural, gluten free and organic. Check out their web site moo chocolates and read about Jackie and why she started making chocolates, then go out and buy lots!


Glee Gum

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Glee GumIf there was an award for the happiest gum package, this would win. Glee is an all-natural gum, made by a company that is dedicated to preserving the rain forest. They sell gum making kits on their web site, I have never wanted to make my own gum, but if you do, here’s your opportunity knocking, or chewing in this case…

As for the gum…I found it a bit lacking in flavor and a little dry. This may be a result of being all-natural. Still, I like the package so much that I have it displayed on a shelf.