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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Whole Foods Cookies and Brownies by the pound!

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whole foods cookies

Look what I found at Whole Foods! These are not your average cookies. There are Madeleines, all kinds of bars, amaretti, shortbreads, brownies, gluten free cookies, and more. If you are watching your calories…walk by quickly, and avert your gaze!


Cookie Butter, almost too good to be true

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cookie butter

Trader Joe’s sells this incredible spread. It tastes like those Biscoff cookies that are served on airplanes, and has the texture of peanut butter. According to “The Fearless Flyer” it’s made from Speculoos cookies (Danish cookies). It is great on toast and would make a fantastic filling in a shortbread sandwich cookies. It’s even great eaten from a spoon! Have you tried this? If not, you should, and you can thank me later.

Chocolate Fusion Bar….Amazing

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This is a new favorite. It’s organic chocolate flavored with Jasmine Green Tea and Tangerine essence. The texture is creamy and the taste is perfectly balanced. The flavors are subtle and linger on your tongue.
I bought it at a grocery store in Colorado. I’ve had it for some time, and if I had known it was so good, I would have devoured it long ago.
“The Tea Room” is the company which makes it. The story on the back of the package says that the founder of the business started in Switzerland and after traveling the world he landed in San Francisco, and opened a patisserie and tea house. Thus the name “The Tea Room”. Check out their site
They make a variety of flavors, I look forward to trying all of them. They have all kinds of treats on the site, too, even macarons!
If you see one of these bars for sale, buy it and you’ll have a new favorite, too.