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Bit-O’-Honey….Give it the pinch test

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Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.54.28 PMHere’s an underrated candy. It’s  a “bit” sweet, and if your lucky, it’s chewy, too. It’s made with almonds, honey, egg whites and various other things. It’s nostalgic, and a one-of-a-kind candy.

The year was 1924, flappers were flapping and Bit-O-Honey was born. Quickly it became the Bees Knees, the Talk of the Town, The Cat’s Pajamas…  I believe some of the original candies still exist on store shelves. This is why I always give the candy a little pinch. If it is rock-hard, consume at your teeth’s peril. If the candy gives a little at the pinch, it is still good. Tip: If you are trying to soften up a tough piece, keep it in a warm car for a while…just not on the seat, and not for too long.

It comes in 2 forms; a sectioned bar, and wrapped candies. I think the wrapped candies are best. The bar is hard to break apart and your hands get sticky, too.

Bit-O-Honey can be found just about anywhere. I found a small bag at the Dollar Store yesterday. If you haven’t had a taste since grade school, treat yourself to a piece and get re-aquainted to an old favorite.

The brand was just bought from Nestle by an American company called Pearson Candy to which I say Bravo, and long live Bit-O-Honey!


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  1. Pearson’s is a hometown favorite for me–just down the road in St. Paul. Have read up a bit on the purchase and it seems Bit-O will get the attention it deserves with these smaller players. Am also a fan as sometimes it’s nice to have something completely un-chocolate. Like those Twinkies that are coming back–yeehaw!

  2. Ohh, memories! Summer-hot bit-o-honey bites from the concession stand at the local public pool, sucking on what got stuck in my teeth for a LONG time.


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