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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Summer begins at Fanci Freez

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If your travels ever take you to Boise, Idaho you must have a shake or ice cream treat from Fanci Freez drive in. They offer over 50 flavor of shakes and sundaes. They have a crazy thing called a Boston Shake which is a shake with a sundae on top. Now, I grew up in Boston, and I have never seen this before….
This place is a gem, a wonderful throwback to simpler times.
Check it out if you can.





Bit-O’-Honey….Give it the pinch test

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Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.54.28 PMHere’s an underrated candy. It’s  a “bit” sweet, and if your lucky, it’s chewy, too. It’s made with almonds, honey, egg whites and various other things. It’s nostalgic, and a one-of-a-kind candy.

The year was 1924, flappers were flapping and Bit-O-Honey was born. Quickly it became the Bees Knees, the Talk of the Town, The Cat’s Pajamas…  I believe some of the original candies still exist on store shelves. This is why I always give the candy a little pinch. If it is rock-hard, consume at your teeth’s peril. If the candy gives a little at the pinch, it is still good. Tip: If you are trying to soften up a tough piece, keep it in a warm car for a while…just not on the seat, and not for too long.

It comes in 2 forms; a sectioned bar, and wrapped candies. I think the wrapped candies are best. The bar is hard to break apart and your hands get sticky, too.

Bit-O-Honey can be found just about anywhere. I found a small bag at the Dollar Store yesterday. If you haven’t had a taste since grade school, treat yourself to a piece and get re-aquainted to an old favorite.

The brand was just bought from Nestle by an American company called Pearson Candy to which I say Bravo, and long live Bit-O-Honey!

Twinkie the Kid Rides Again!

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Great news for snack-cake lovers….The demise of Hostess was short-lived. The company has been bought and is re-opening bakeries and hiring workers. Here’s a news story all about it.

Look for Twinkies, Ho-Hos, and Captain Cupcake on shelves in July.

I’m adding more fish to my diet…Swedish Fish…

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This is my latest candy obsession. Chewy, red, berry flavored, and on sale at Safeway.


This is how the French make Marshmallows

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We in the U.S. think of marshmallows being squarish in shape. The French do everything with flair, and their sweets are amazing.

My friend Chuck brought these two marshmallow sticks to me from his travels to Paris, and these have to be the most unique souvenir that I have ever received.
Each is about 14″ long, and wrapped in celophane. They are labeled as “Fancy Marshmallows” and that’s no lie. One is raspberry flavored, and the other is…..VIOLET! Really! A violet marshmallow! Only the French could imagine such a thing….
The flavors of each are subtle and absolutely delightful. The texture is like a homemade marshmallow, and the ingredients are simple, as if I had found them in my pantry. I am trying to ration these two by having a small piece each day.
In case you’re curious here’s their site