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Should kids go Trick-or-Treating?

The answer is a big YES!

I see that some kill-joys are trying to stomp the fun, and candy out of Halloween. Stickers are replacing Snickers in candy bags, and “Harvest parties” and “trunk-or-treats” are replacing trick-or-treating in neighborhoods. Now, if you live in some gang infested area, I understand the safety issue. But, if you live in any other place in America, grab your flashlight, and for the love of your children, take them out into the neighborhood!

When I was a kid, Halloween was the looongest day. I couldn’t wait for it to get dark so we could set out into the neighborhood and gather candy* with our friends.

Going from house to house in costume, and filling a bucket, or bag with candy is a wonderfully fun thing for a child to do. Ask any adult about Halloween, and they can recall their best/worst costumes and where they went on Halloween night. (I still remember the neighbors who handed out full-sized Hershey Bars.)

Trick-or-Treating is a great tradition for kids, and parents together. It makes neighborhoods come alive, and it builds a sense of community. Let’s keep it going.

So, I’ll have my porch light on, and I’ll give anyone, no matter what age, a handful of yummy chocolate bars. I love Halloween fun!

*Sure, too much sugar is bad for you, and there are too many overweight kids…but let’s be honest here…Halloween candy is not the problem. We ate plenty of candy as kids, and I didn’t know one chubby schoolmate. The problem is too little physical activity, combined with too many calories consumed. End of story.

Thanks to the Saturday Evening Post for the photo.


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  1. This will be the first year my son goes trick or treating and I am so excited for him. Friends invited us to a party but I want to take him from house to house in our own neighborhood. We know many of our neighbors but this gives us the chance to meet more families and just have some fun !


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