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Candy Corn Oreos…I just can’t go there….

If you’re reading this you know I have a monster-sized sweet tooth. I truly adore most candy, and baked goods, but here’s where I draw the line. Are we so out of ideas, and flavors that we need to start inventing and marketing foods that even sound awful? Let’s step back from the ledge and look into bringing back some classics (like the Marathon Bar thank you), or work on making our packaged candy, and cookies taste better using natural ingredients. That’s my soap box, or cookie crate on which I stand.


About sweetaddict

I'm a crazy, candy-infatuated, blogger who s so happy that you stopped by. This place is dedicated to all of us who always end up in the candy aisle. I'm totally impartial and answer only to my taste buds. I write about all things sweet from candy to baking to ice cream and beyond. Let me know your favorites.

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  1. I love candy corns, but it’s that hard, sugary consistency that is the best part. I don’t think the fluffy oreo creme filling will do the candy corn justice. Oh well, neat find though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like candy corn in very limited doses, a few a day will suffice. Indian Corn I can eat a lot more of.

    But I found these surprisingly edible. Like, you can actually eat a few, rather than “one a month is enough, thanks” I was expecting. It tastes more like Vienna Fingers with cake frosting in the middle than any candy corn flavors.


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