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You Should Get to Know Mrs. Cavanaugh

I went to college at University of Utah, and as usual, some of my memories are tied up with candy….This is where I developed my love of chocolate covered caramels, and one lady is to responsible…her name is Mrs. Cavanaugh.

Hailing from the great state of Utah, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s is a wonderful, regional, family owned, and operated candy company.

And there really is a Mrs. Cavanaugh, who began making fine chocolates at home, and quickly developed a fan base (I wish I had been her neighbor…).
Her chocolates are smooth, and the fillings are nicely flavored and balanced. Made with only fresh ingredients, and no preservatives, my favorites are the Haystack, and the English Toffee, and of course the milk chocolate covered caramels. The caramels are so rich and you can taste the butter.

Each chocolate is hand dipped, so no 2 are alike. Every one has a little flourish from the hand dipping that indicates what’s inside, and the box comes with a guide so there are no surprises.

You know how you get a box of chocolates, and half of them aren’t to your liking. Well, hold on a second….The web site has a fantastic feature where you can customize your boxes to what YOU want. (Not being a nut person, I’d rather have caramels, and milk chocolates. Now I can.)

During the summer they cold pack and your chocolates so they arrive in perfect condition.

Here’s another awesome part about the company….they give tours! I’ll be stopping by the next time I’m in Salt Lake City. Hey, if you have a long layover at the Salt Lake airport, why not catch a cab to the factory and have a tour. Then you could pick up a few boxes to bring to who ever you’re visiting, but keep at least one for yourself. Ooh even better, you could give a box with the gate agent as a swap for a first class bump-up. If they know their chocolate, you’ll be flying in the front of the plane for sure.


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