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Euro vs. U.S. Milky Way-let the games begin

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There are 2 versions of the candy and I thought that they should compete in the spirit of the Olympic games…

I bought the Euro version at World Market, thinking it would be similar to the one I buy at Safeway. I think I even spent $2 on it. I have high standards for European candy, and my expectations were high. So, there’s the starter gun…. And they’re off….(American version is on the left, Euro on the right.)

First, the euro is a bit flatter on the top, than the U.S. version. Secondly, when I bit into it, I expected caramel, but no, there was only nougat. Thirdly, it’s much smaller. (The Euro falls behind.)

It was like a 3 Musketeers, but more dense. The candy bar was dry and flat tasting. (The Euro trips as they head for the finish line…)

Milky Way without caramel is just not a Milky Way. If this were the candy Olympics,  it wouldn’t be a medal contender. U.S.A. wins!

The only positive that I can take from this is that I didn’t eat more than 2 bites.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the images.


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  1. Interesting….In the UK we would call the American “Milky Way”, a “Mars Bar”. It has the caramel you expected and seems to be a similar size and has similar coloured packaging.

    • Thanks Kate, how interesting, a Mars Bar here in the U.S. has almonds. I wonder why these bars are so different. By the way, the U.K. makes wonderful sweets!

    • That was exactly my thought as I read the post. In Australia it’s exactly the same. A smaller Milky Way and the larger Mars Bar. Although our chocolate tastes slightly different to the UK version, because we need different sweeteners and solidifiers to cope with the higher temperatures.

      • Thanks, do you think the different ingredients in the chocolate affect its taste?

      • Definitely. The US seems to use corn syrup as a sweetener so I found it too sweet, and the UK isn’t as creamy. (Although I think whatever you grow up with is what you love the most.) I also noticed Coke tasted different too.

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