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Baby Ruth, never been the same since Caddyshack

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Thanks to Carl, I have a hard time eating one of these, but every once in a while…I have one, and try not to think about it too hard.

Check out the Caddyshack version on (click on that link, not the photo below)

Anyhow.. back to the candy. Did you know that it’s not named for the Bambino? No, it’s named for President Cleveland’s baby girl, named Edith (ha, ha). Yeah, right… I think this was just a way of cheating a certain ball park legend out of royalties. I mean, they could have just paid him in candy, and back then, that would have been more than most ball players made in their whole careers. Note: Ruth Cleveland died in 1904, the Baby Ruth candy bar was introduced in 1921. “You’re out of order”… “this whole candy company is out of order… I rest my case your honor!” (obscure movie reference, click here to try to get my joke)

Again, back to the candy…..It’s true Americana; the wrapper is red, white, and blue. It’s made of milk chocolate covering peanuts, caramel and a nougat center. In true American fashion, they’re marketing it with protein spin, see below.

You can find it everywhere, and in all kinds of sizes (again, think of Carl, and above image, and you’ll want a small one) I like the fun size the best.

Thanks to Caddyshack, Angry Alien, and the movie And Justice for All, for the audio and visuals. Thanks to Wikipedia for the candy image, and the info on Ruth Cleveland, and thanks to you for reading this.


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  1. okay, that was pure genius…and I think it is no accident that all this cosmic comic creative candy energy occurred in this beautiful post about Baby Ruth during the historic Transit of Venus. I highly recommend clicking on the links and then going out and buying a Baby Ruth with four grams of protein…

  2. Wait…I’ve been thinking…now that I know Baby Ruth has four grams of protein per bar, I now know what I am serving for dinner. Menu planning solved.


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