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Frozen Charleston Chews are the bee’s knees…

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I don’t know why I like Charleston Chews…I just do. They are a quirky candy that has endured for 90 years.

A little history care of wikipedia…The Charleston Chew was created in 1922 by the Fox-Cross Candy Company, and the candy was named for the Charleston, a popular dance at that time. The candy is available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, There once was a banana flavor, too. The banana flavor was no doubt a result of the development department’s all-night brain storming combined with too much bathtub gin….

Think of all the history that has happened since 1922, and all  that has come and gone…flag pole sitting, prohibition, World War II, The Soviet Union, Earth Shoes….but the mighty Charleston Chew has endured.

Now made by Tootsie Roll, they come in long candy bar form and boxes of minis, as well as bagged fun size which sometimes you can find in the bulk candy section. (I like the bulk section because you can buy just a few.) I’ve only seen the minis in vanilla, but a mixed flavor box would be great.

The candy has a center like a hard marshmallow, and there’s a somewhat bland, milk chocolate coating that always breaks off and lands in your lap. The center is really, really, chewy.

The large candy bar is too large, so I stick to the minis, and they are best frozen. When frozen, they shatter easily into bite size pieces. Warning: these can wreak havoc on dental work.

Sure, this isn’t a food-snob’s candy bar. This really is more of a kids’ candy, but it brings back memories of Woolworth’s candy counter….and Earth Shoes.


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  1. Woolworths? Woolworths! Remember the lady who worked at the Woolworths on Walden Street? She would get mad when kids let the parakeets out of their cages in the back of the store, and stalk around holding a net trying to catch the escapees. What karmic debt are you burning off if you end up as a hamster in the pet section of Woolworths? Or what are you doing time for if you come back as the lady who has to put up with kids in Concord who paw through the toy section and who release the animals so they run about the store.?
    And did anyone ever really get a deal on lunch by buying one of those balloons at the lunch counter and pop it to reveal a little piece of paper with a discounted price for a grilled cheese?
    PS. I just threw away a box of cloves in my spice rack that had a price tag from Woolworths…cloves are part of the secret formula that Egyptians used for Mummification, so I assume their shelf life is long, but not that long.


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