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What happens to Jelly Bellys that don’t make the cut?

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They go on to lead productive lives as Jelly Belly “Belly Flops”. A clever marketing tool, and way to sell the imperfect jelly beans. The shapes range from blobs to conjoined beans, all as delicious as the traditional beans, and I think the funny shapes are kinda cute, too. They may be even better than their perfect bean shaped cousins because you get more of each flavor.

There are some flavors which I don’t care for such as buttered popcorn, and coffee. Since now they are a little bigger, so I can spot them more easily.

A big plus is you get more Jelly Belly for you buck if they are mis-shaped. You can find these at the Jelly Belly stores, on-line at, and even on ebay. I found them at Dollar General, and will be going back to buy more.


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