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Which country makes a better malted milk ball?

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These two candies look virtually identical, but the tastes are an ocean aprt…

Whoppers malted milk balls are an under-appreciated candy. A creamy, milk chocolate bb filled with malted milk. They have a satisfying crunch mixed with a smooth, milk chocolate finish. Made by Hershey, you’ve gotta love a candy that comes in a milk carton for easy access…

I wish I could say the same for their British cousin, Maltesers. First the name…sounds like a burlesque group, or a dog toy. Next the taste, not so great; Salty chocolate with the malted milk that has a slight grassy finish, not to mention that since these are imports, they are twice the price of Whoppers.

If Whoppers could run, they’d win by a mile.

This is the first time I have had a candy from the U.S. beat a candy from the U.K.


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