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Who remembers Pixy Stixs, and Lik-A-Stixs?

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Pixy stixs are crazy, it’s just flavored sugar in  a straw, perfect for immediate diabetes delivery, and aspiration…Really, these are so odd, I understand why sugar-crazy kids eat them, but I do we really need the yard-long plastic version?

My favorite flavored-sugar-in-a-pouch from my youth was Fun Dip, or as we called it, Lik-A-Stix. The powdered candy came with a sweet tart like stick which you licked, and then dipped in the pouch and then licked a again, lick, dip, repeat. Mmmm, when you were done, so were your taste buds. This was the package in the innocent 70’s…

and this is the Wonka Fun Dip package now. I would have expected the 70’s package to be the pyschadelic one…

Dylan’s Candy Bar sells this tee shirt, suitable for tramps, and streetwalkers…

I knew some kids who were so crazy for sugar, that they ate dry Jello, that’s right, Jello! It was under the excuse of that it was for swim team and they wouldn’t get cramps if they are it and then swam  a double IM. Yeah, whatever. I don’t recommend eating dry Jello, it’s akin to drinking vanilla for a buzz…too much pain for too little pleasure….

For a complete history of Fun Dip, visit where I got the photos.


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