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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Reese’s Minis are perfect!

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The mini peanut better cup is a great invention. I thought the fun size couldn’t be beat, but then they made them even smaller. I like them best when they’re frozen. I think they’d be awesome in cookies, and my sister says that they are great in ice cream, too.

Check out this Reese’s peanut butter popcorn from the blog Two Peas and Their Pod. Mmmm… so creative and delicious.



What happens to Jelly Bellys that don’t make the cut?

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They go on to lead productive lives as Jelly Belly “Belly Flops”. A clever marketing tool, and way to sell the imperfect jelly beans. The shapes range from blobs to conjoined beans, all as delicious as the traditional beans, and I think the funny shapes are kinda cute, too. They may be even better than their perfect bean shaped cousins because you get more of each flavor.

There are some flavors which I don’t care for such as buttered popcorn, and coffee. Since now they are a little bigger, so I can spot them more easily.

A big plus is you get more Jelly Belly for you buck if they are mis-shaped. You can find these at the Jelly Belly stores, on-line at, and even on ebay. I found them at Dollar General, and will be going back to buy more.

These French candies are bon, bon, bon!

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These hard candies are  worth a second look, or deja vu, if you like.

Don’t be fooled by the cheaper varieties that you see in the candy dish at the bank. These are the Bentley to those Yugos.

Here you have a sublimely flavored outer shell filled with the most delicious fruit filling, that is both smooth, and chewy. My favorite, as always, is black currant, but there isn’t a dud flavor among the whole group; there’s even an apricot, along with a marmalade flavor!

Barnier is a French company that has been creating these sweets since 1885. They also make lollipops, but I prefer their little candies. Each one is individually wrapped with a picture of the fruit. Look for the Barnier name, and you will be rewarded with a wonderful fruit taste. Sure, these are a little pricey, but they are worth it. The best price I’ve seen is on

Why, oh why, can’t American candies taste like this?

(please excuse my blurry photo…)

Trader Joe’s Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins..You’ll like them… really, really, like them!

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If you’re a coconut freak, like me, then these are for you! Crispy thin cookies with the most heavenly coconut flavor.  Perfect by themselves, they’d be great with any sorbet, or maybe a thin chocolate frosting layer. I imagine that they’d make an awesome pie crust for my favorite coconut cream pie. Imagine a little dollop of lemon curd on a thin, and topped with a fresh raspberry. There you have it, a sophisticated dessert for tea….you can thank me later.

I don’t have a photo of my recipe idea, but here’s one from the blog Completely Smitten. Scroll down to see the post. It’s fun blog, so check it out.

Here’s a link to their description in The Fearless Flyer. Disclaimer: my awesome sister-in-law writes the Flyer, but that doesn’t cloud my judgement. (I just happen to love most everything I try at Trader Joe’s.)

The only drawback is that I could eat way too many at once. I only bought one box of these, what was I thinking?!

Which country makes a better malted milk ball?

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These two candies look virtually identical, but the tastes are an ocean aprt…

Whoppers malted milk balls are an under-appreciated candy. A creamy, milk chocolate bb filled with malted milk. They have a satisfying crunch mixed with a smooth, milk chocolate finish. Made by Hershey, you’ve gotta love a candy that comes in a milk carton for easy access…

I wish I could say the same for their British cousin, Maltesers. First the name…sounds like a burlesque group, or a dog toy. Next the taste, not so great; Salty chocolate with the malted milk that has a slight grassy finish, not to mention that since these are imports, they are twice the price of Whoppers.

If Whoppers could run, they’d win by a mile.

This is the first time I have had a candy from the U.S. beat a candy from the U.K.

Blackcurrant at the mini mart….

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You just never know what you’ll discover at the mini-mart checkout. In Idaho you can get home-made jerky and pickled eggs, in Maryland you get Swiss-made pastilles.

One of my favorite flavors is blackcurrant, and that’s what sold me. The antique-style of the tin was also a factor in my purchase since I have a soft spot for old-time graphics. I’m about 2 steps away from being a hoarder….

I failed to see the price of  $9.95, so my expectations were high….and they were met.

Grether’s Pastilles are a delicately flavored candy, with a chewy texture, like the old Pine Brother’s cough drops. They say that these are throat drops, but  I didn’t notice any soothing qualities, just a sweet taste. The production time takes 3 months for the flavor to ripen, maybe this explains the $9.95. I will buy them again if I can find them for a cheaper price, otherwise, I’ll just keep my pretty tin as a reminder.

Happy Coconut Cream Pie Day!

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Happiness=Coconut Cream Pie. May 8th is dedicated to this pie. I don’t know if this is a act of Congress, but if it is, it’s the smartest thing they have done all year!

It’s my favorite pie, no question. I can only eat this a few times a year, or it loses its special-ness. And I have a few demands… It can’t be frozen, or have a meringue top, the coconut on the real whipped cream topping must be toasted, and the crust shouldn’t be graham cracker. These are just my odd specifications. You should enjoy it any way that you please.

This is the best and easiest recipe I’ve found. It’s from Southern Living, of course. The only way I change the recipe is to put a little less whipped cream on the top, since I’m more fond of coconut than whipped cream. Yum!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living Magazine.