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Life Savers and Titanic are 100 this year…coincidence? I think not….

Really, I just heard that the iconic candy turns 100 this year, and as we all know, the Titanic took its first and last voyage a century ago. No jokes, just an observation….If you Googled Titanic and stumbled upon my blog, sorry, but this is the last reference to the ill-fated vessel.

Since this is a candy blog, let’s chat about the round candies. The first flavor in 1912 was Pep-O-Mint, which still holds up to this day. Other short-lived, and unfortunate flavors were Lic-O-Riche, Vi-O-let, Malt-O-Milk (really?), and Molas-O-Mint (um, ewww). The 5 Flavor roll was introduced in 1935.

According to wikipedia, these are now made in Canada, which seems odd to me.

Now we have chewy ones, and all sorts of sizes, but when we were kids….there were just the rolls. As you can see from this image, they even went to war. Note how Eisenhower is the mint, and Patton, or is it Bradley, is the 5 flavor roll. Wait, is Wild cherry a pimp?

Anyway…when I was but a child, these candies were everywhere. My school friends and I would give the little flavor books as Christmas gifts. We even made craft dolls out of the rolls using yarn.

Oh, those were innocent days. I can’t imagine my kids giving or receiving a Life Saver doll …but if you would like to make one, here’s a tutorial that I found.

As a child, my favorite flavor roll was the Tropical flavor because it had coconut and pineapple. I never cared for the 5 flavor roll, because I didn’t like most of the flavors, they just seemed so plain. I mean who wants lime? Someone must have agreed with me because now the roll has pineapple, watermelon, raspberry, cherry, and orange.

Did you ever see sparks when you chomped down on a Wint-O-Green Life Saver in the dark? It’s pretty cool. In fact, another blog claims that all Life Savers spark.


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