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Cadbury Mini Eggs, for breakfast and beyond…

I am completely crazy for Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are sold only around Easter here in the USA, but in Canada they are sold year-round. (I believe that the Canadian version is superior since they are made with the English Cadbury chocolate.) Whenever I head up to our neighbor to the North, I always stock up on these. Or, I should just be honest here…I go to Canada to buy Cadbury…the border agents don’t believe me when all I have to declare is candy…

Apparently the Mini Egg has quite a fan base. Their facebook page has over 3,900 likes.

They are the perfect candy; a crunchy shell and a chocolate center, all decorated in the most beautiful pastel shades, and look beautiful displayed in glass jars, or cut crystal bowls. It just makes me happy!

Some very clever bakers have used them to make traditional baked goods even better.

Check out this recipe for scones (above) made with mini eggs. Although these really aren’t for breakfast, I think it wouldn’t kill me to eat one at 10 a.m. with a nice cup of  tea.

Or, how about mini egg blondies? They’re so pretty.

So to wrap it up, Cadbury Mini Eggs are what happiness tastes like!

thanks to for the beautiful image at the top of this post.


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