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Sweet Paul…a very happy magazine

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My friend Genevieve introduced me to this magazine yesterday, and viola, the Spring edition came out today.

This magazine is about all the things that make me happy: sweets, crafts, home decor, cooking, baking, traveling and entertaining.(Click on the image above to link to the magazine.) Its motto seems to be my raison d’être. “Chasing the Sweet Things in Life.”

The design is clean and beautiful, the photography is wonderful, and the photo styling is amazing. I only have it digitally. Tomorrow, when I head to the big city of Spokane, I will search for the printed version at the big bookstore.

There is an article on a tea merchant (something I want to be) On another page there are wonderful owls, and on the kids’ page, another owl! It’s as if it was made for me. I am savoring each page. This is the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. It’s almost as good as candy….

From what I’ve read, it seems that the magazine was born out of a very popular blog How great that magazines are still being created. I am a magazine junkie. Someday my children will find me buried under stacks of old Domino, and County Home.I just can’t bear to part with them.

The author, Paul Lowe, seems like a really fun man, as well as quite a character. Read his editor’s letter and you’ll see he was always this way (refusing to wear sneakers in gym class). He has a discerning eye, and a playful sense in everything that I’ve seen. Sweet Paul is my new favorite source. I hope he has a few books in the works.

So, thanks to Paul and his team for creating such a happy and beautiful magazine (just for me).


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