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Happy 100th Birthday Oreo!

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The Oreo just turned 100 years-old today. As a kid, I loved these cookies, and today, I can still eat a few. I even like the Halloween ones that have orange filling. They are a most happy cookie.

This is a huge product for Nabisco, and is marketed world wide. (The only place you won’t find these is in a natural foods grocery store.)

It has spawned many spin-offs; Cookies and cream ice cream, and the Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream bar just to name 2. Chefs have gone crazy for this combination, using it in cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pancakes, even in cocktails. The cocktails seem way too sweet, and let’s admit it, aren’t really cocktails…

The most creative thing I have ever seen done with an Oreo is the cameo. It amazes me what people create. These are crazy, and very cool.

These were made by the talented hands of Judith G. Klausner, and you can view these on her site.

Looking for fun Oreo facts such as…there’s a green tea Oreo variety in China? Wikipedia has more trivia I would even want  to list here.


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  1. Judith G. Klausner could have called those Came-O’s, and they most likely will last as long as a real Cameo considering the shelf life of the creme filling.


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