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Swedish Fish, a most happy candy!

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This month is dedicated to the happiness of candy. As my friend Amy says, “Candy=Happiness.”

So, I dare you, I mean double-dare you to frown while eating a Swedish fish. How could you feel anything but joy as you chew one from head to tail?

These fish come in 2 sizes; baby (or fry for you ichthyologists) and adult. The species come in 4 colors,; red, orange, yellow, and green. Sadly, due to climate (or taste) change, the purple fish has gone extinct….Rumor has it that the red flavor is lingonberry, but I can’t confirm this. Wikipedia reports that the Food Network’s show Unwrapped visited the factory and that the green color is pineapple, while yellow is lemon-lime. Their texture is a little tough, and delightfully chewy.

Happiness fact: they are the only fish that Vegans can eat since they have no gelatin!

Their history dates back to 1958, and a Swedish candy maker called Malaco. They were originally sold as bulk candies, and I remember the candy counter at the Sears in Cambridge stocking these. I would buy a small waxed-bagful, and try to ration them as I took the train back to Concord. Of course, the bag would be empty long before I reached home.

Now they are made by Cadbury-Adams, way up in Canada (which isn’t very Swedish if you ask me). But that’s my only complaint with the fishies.

Beware of imposters with overly sweet flavors and gritty texture. And, as wth all gummy candies, you can eat more than your tummy can handle, before your brain says stop.

Check out their web site for fun, and visit Wikipedia for more fish trivia.


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