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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cadbury Mini Eggs: dressed-up for Christmas

If you’ve read my blog, you know how much I adore Cadbury chocolate, especially the Mini Eggs. Imagine my surprise and delight to find them for Christmas. Of course they aren’t called mini eggs, and I’m not sure what the name is. Just look for this bag. They are shaped like little spheres instead of eggs. The colors aren’t as pretty as Mini Eggs, but the taste is the same.

So run, do not walk, to your nearest grocer/Target store and buy a few bags before everyone else discovers them, too.


Thanksgiving candy cornucopia, a kids-table favorite…

You don’t see many “horns-of-plenty” anymore, especially ones that could be filled with Good and Plenty.

Here’s a great idea for the kids table. I might add some jelly beans, or chocolates for additional color.

This treat will get them all sugared-up just in time for the blessing, but they will sleep well for the car ride home.

I like to think this would make Miles Standish smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

See the how-to’s at the Simple Girl blog

Rowntree Fruit Gums-Jolly Good!

I have been hooked on these since a visit to Ireland in 1986. Some people remember the beer, I remember the candy…..

You can tell that these are English candies just by the name “Gums”. Here in the states we Yanks would call them chews, or something, because these are not gum. What do the English call gum?….anyway, these are tasty, little, chewy candies flavored with fruit. According to the company web site these were created in 1893, which makes them one of the oldest candies made by Nestle.

You can’t find these in your average grocery store (unless you live in Cambridge, MA). I buy them at World Market, an excellent purveyor of imported candy. You will find them in a little yellow box, or yellow roll, or if you’re really lucky, a yellow bag. The ones in the box are shaped like fruits. the purple ones are black current and are the best in my opinion.

These are not soft chews, and they will stick to your teeth (but it’s worth it).

candy imitates nature….

There are very few Thanksgiving candies, but I think these fit the bill…

Take a look at what you can do with Hershey Kisses, mini Nutter Butters and mini Nestle’s chips. These are so clever and easy to make. I found the recipe (if you can call it a recipe) and photo at Bargain Hoot. You could wrap them up as a good, little gift for a favorite someone, or you can make some and mail them to me.

Pretzel M&Ms!

Have you tried these yet? They were introduced in April 2010, and I thought that everyone had heard of them by now. However, last weekend I had a bowl of them on the counter, and my guests thought that I was serving stale peanut m&ms….so let me indulge you in my affection for the pretzel m&m.

These are a wonderful combination of salty and sweet. In the center of the m&m hides a pretzel nugget wearing a thin shell of chocolate, topped by the candy coating. There is just enough chocolate to satisfy a craving, and a good crunch as you are chewing. A plus is that these are lower calorie than regular m&ms because there’s less chocolate, so you can eat these guilt-free!

Left-Over Candy?

So you bought more candy than you needed… what to do with all of the loot? Eating it all will make you ill, so why not make some cookies?

Here are candy bar cookies from Southern Living that sound great and have a high rating as well. These will use up a lot of Snickers bars.

Thanks to Southern Living Magazine for the photo.

Or maybe you have too many Butterfingers and Reeses cups than you know what to do with…try this yummy brownie from

Thanks to Oxmoor House for the photo.

If you just can’t stand the sight of the stuff because you o.d.’d on it last night don’t throw the stuff away, freeze it for baking use for the upcoming holidays. Or mail it to me….