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Don’t mess with Neccos!

Well, apparently there’s a huge (ok, not too huge) following for Necco wafers, and boy this group of lovers of stale candy is mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!

Legend has it that in 2009, Necco decided to replace all the artificial colors and flavors with the natural kind. The natural colors were less vibrant, and supposedly the natural flavors weren’t as strong.

Now that their small and obscure customer base is all worked up, Necco has succumbed to the pressure, and is adding back the artificial ingredients. This tells you a lot about their customers, and their loyalty to the past, even if it means fake flavors and colors. Necco, to their credit, is listening to their fan base, and is doing their best to keep them buying the communion wafer/roof tile candies.

For the complete story, visit npr.


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  1. Power to the People! Power to the People, Right On!


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