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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mexican Chocolate + Coffee = Muy Deliciosa

Nestle’s Abuelita hot chocolate mix is fantastic for adding to your morning coffee. I add about 2 teaspoons directly to my 12 oz., or so, of hot coffee. Then, I add the milk. If you like your coffee hotter, heat the milk before you add it to the coffee.

This used to be difficult to find, but now it’s in the Mexican food aisle of most grocery stores. It is also sold in a box of chocolate blocks, but those are a pain to grind, so look for the bag.

This yummy drink is a very close equivalent to a Mexican chocolate latte, and here’s the bonus…the mix itself is the cost of one drink at a coffee bar.


Nestle Crunch Dionne Warwick would say…Walk on By!

Ok, sometimes you don’t find winners at the Dollar General and this is one of those times.

It’s 3 p.m. and I’m craving chocolate, but I have no plans to finish this thing.

Bite into it, and you’ll find it has a fake-chocolate taste to start, and the crisps on top of the bar are very unappetizing.

I’m fond of so many Nestle products, but this isn’t one of them.

If you want a good “Crisp” candy bar, reach for the Manner Wafer Cookies. They have much more crunch and the fillings are excellent.

Chick-O-Stick … Where have you been all of my life?

I had avoided this candy because of the name and the color. It just sounded too much like chicken flavored candy. Boy, was I wrong. It is really good. (I should have known I’d like these since they are my friend Jennie’s favorite.)

According to their web site, these have been made by the Atkinson Candy Company since 1932.

This is a peanut butter, flaky center rolled in shredded, toasted coconut. The center is much like a Butterfinger bar, and it looks like petrified wood.  So far this doesn’t sound appetizing, does it?

They are supposed to be hard, but can get soft with humidity. So we can assume the Chick-O-Sticks eaten at any SEC game are really chewy. Frankly it’s impossible to tell if these are stale….again, not appetizing huh?

Seriously, these are good.

The Chick O Stick comes in many sizes. I prefer the smallest, bite size. The large stick is visually unappealing and flakes all over everything. I have pieces lodged in my keyboard as I type this. Plus, the large stick is hard to break into smaller pieces. I tried knocking it on my desk, and after a few glances from my co-worker, I walked down the hall, and dropped it on the floor on the copy room (yes, it was wrapped the whole time), and it barely cracked!

Crumpled, these would make a good topping for ice cream or cup cakes. Here’s a recipe for Vegan Chick-O-Stick cookies. I have no idea what they will taste like, but the author swears that they’re good…they look pretty.

You can find these where most penny candies are sold, specifically on the bottom shelf of the candy aisle in any convenience store. I think they are under-rated and should be moved up to at least the middle shelf.

It’s always a good day when you discover a new candy. Hmmm, that would make a good slogan….

Thanks to Old Time Candy for the photo.

Which do you prefer: Reese’s Pieces or Peanut Butter M&M’s?

I have been conducting taste tests with my friends on which peanut butter candy they prefer. Peanut butter lovers are a discerning crowd. Most have their favorite brands, and some prefer the all-natural, oil on the top stuff.  Me, I’m not a fan of straight peanut butter, but I love, love, it with chocolate. One thing is for sure, both of these candies have a huge following. Not once did anyone tell me that they don’t like either brand.

Let’s start with the Reese’s Pieces. Shown above, they are about the same size as original M&M’s. They are a satisfying snack, and it is easy to eat way too many at once. These became part of Americana with the movie E.T, and who wouldn’t love a candy-eating alien?

Peanut butter M&M’s came on the scene in 1991. They are creamy peanut butter covered in the M&M chocolate candy shell, and are great when frozen (more freezer candy reviews to come.)

In every taste test, M&M’s win by a landslide. I think this is because of 2 things. 1-the M&M’s have chocolate and 2- they are creamier and a little bigger.

Reese’s pieces make better additions to cookies because of their smaller size. Here’s a good recipe. The colors are perfect for fall, so go ahead a whip up a batch, and mail some to me.

So what we learn from this taste test is that when the remake of E.T. comes along, and we all know it will, he should eat peanut butter M&M’s.

Candy Corn, Fresh and In-Season Now!

Fall marks the beginning of the candy holiday season. I know it is upon us when the bags of candy corn appear in stores.

There are several varieties, my favorite being the three-color ones. Brach’s makes a decent version. According to the folks at Wikipedia, 20 million pounds of kernels are consumed each year. As with most candies, people either like this stuff, or hate it. Honestly, I can only eat a few since it is so sweet.

This also makes for great craft and decorating projects. You can even make a wreath out of the stuff.

Traditionally, candy corn was made for Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are now versions for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. I am a traditionalist and only eat it in season, so now’s the prime time.

Candy Bar CSI

Have you ever wondered what lurks below the chocolate “skin” of your candy bar? Here is a great blog which I stumbled upon.

This is called Candy Bar Autopsy and it’s very thorough. Warning: it’ll make you crave chocolate.