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Warning-Too much licorice is not a good thing…

Should packages of real licorice carry a warning for folks like me who can’t stop at just 10 pieces? Last week, after consuming an entire package of Newman’s Own Strawberry licorice in an afternoon (it was a small package, ok) I started to get heart palpitations. I figured it was just a reaction to the latest teenage-related incident at my house. But no, yesterday I ate a few (ok, quite a few) black tire tread licorice bites, and lo and behold, heart palpitations again!

I checked out the licorice entry on wikipedia and there at the bottom it talks about toxicity from licorice CANDY!!! This is a first for me, I knew that you could make yourself sick from gorging on candy, but you can also bring on hypertension and edema…so go easy on the stuff.


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