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Space Food Sticks-The Final Candy Frontier

Today I was visiting a favorite online candy store,  and came across these blasts from the Apollo program. Seriously, Mom would put these in my lunchbox. These were the prototype of the modern-day energy bar. This was the food the astronauts ate, so it had to be good for us! Made by Pillsbury, they were a smash hit with all of us space-crazed kids.

The foil packaging looked like what a spaceman would carry, and the texture was a cake/tootsie roll hybrid. I remember eating the chocolate ones. There were peanut butter, mint, malt, and caramel flavors, too.

These are now made by Retrofuture Products, and of course, they have a web site. I can’t believe these are still made, or maybe they’re just left over inventory from 1973……

Back in the 70’s, before food labeling, these sounded a lot better than they actually are. They have 130 calories,6g of fat, 12g of sugar and only 3g of protein. If you’re looking for nutrition, you’d be better off eating a hard boiled egg. However, eating Space Food Sticks isn’t about nutrition, it’s about nostalgia. So, mix yourself a big glass of Tang and enjoy!


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