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Junior Mints!

Wow, I love these! I’m eating a few right now as I type this….They satisfy a chocolate craving and are refreshing all at once. By now everyone has eaten a box, so lets get into a little Junior Mint trivia shall we? All this information was gathered from the Tootsie Roll web site.

They were introduced in 1949, and named after a Broadway play called “Junior Miss”. Tootsie Roll Industries (doesn’t sound so sweet and kind when you end it with “Industries”) has made Junior Mints since 1993. They’re gluten-free, and are now vegetarian since the gelatin has been removed. They are OU-D Kosher as well. Look, they are practically health food!

15 million are made each day in Cambridge, MA (home of the Car Talk guys and my family).

Here’s a great recipe for Junior Mint brownies care of the amazing bakers at Cooking Light. To go that extra mile, decorate the top of the brownies with more Junior Mints as soon as the brownies come out of the oven. Then, package them up and send them to me!


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  1. So if I live in the Boston area and I eat these that that means I am a Locavore! Does that also make them okay for macrobiotic diets?
    And another question…I always associate the most excellent Milk Dud as being the sibling candy to Junior Mints. Are they made by the same company? and if so, that makes being a Locavore even more appealing…Good for the local economy and O so Good for U!


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