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black licorice…love it, or hate it?

It’s controversial, I know…there are no in-betweens.., either you like black licorice and its anise flavor, or it makes you gag! Did you trade the black jelly beans away, or did you gladly accept them for free?

I’m one of those who likes the dark side. Black licorice candy=yummy! Sambuca and Galliano: great! A biscotti with a slight anise flavoring is the perfect pairing to a tall latte. Black licorice is also the ONLY candy which my family won’t eat, so I don’t have to share!

However, licorice flavoring in something that isn’t a candy or liqueur is odd, and licorice medicine, what’s up with that?

Let’s start with Good and Plenty…mmmm..candy shell surrounding a licorice center, and the colors are so pretty, too. What’s not to like?

Even better, the licorice pastilles found in the Jelly Belly Bridge Mix, tiny and good!

Black licorice Scotty dogs are too cute not to eat. The nostalgic Crows are like licorice Dots. Trivia: if you stretch Crows out, you’ll see that they are really dark, dark, green.

Here’s a great site that has more licorice than you ever knew existed Here is some trivia from their site, feel free to memorize it for use at your next cocktail party:

Licorice Trivia:

• Licorice root is one of the most popular herbs
in the world.
• The licorice plant is officially a weed, native to
southern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean.
It is about 4 feet tall with purplish flowers.
• Glycyrrihizic acid is extracted from the root and
used as a flavoring in food, tobacco, alcohol
and cosmetics.
• Some varieties of licorice root are 50 times
sweeter than sugar.
• Research has shown that licorice helps
treat and relieve the pains that accompany
certain types of ulcers, and it is good for the
adrenal glands.
• Licorice is not for everyone. People who have
high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, kidney
or liver disease, and those who take digitalis
should limit their licorice intake.
• Modern licorice candy dates from 17th century
Holland. Dutch sailors spread this wonderful
delicacy to other European nations.
• April 12th is National Licorice Day.

Ok, I’ll tell you what’s a licorice abomination; those licorice allsorts. I mean really, who eats that stuff?

I’m testing different brands of black and red licorice. I have some new favorites that I’ll share next week. Let me know your favorites, too!


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  1. Licorice allsorts may be a licorice abomination, but they are a pretty pastel abomination, with a uniquely weird texture. Perhaps they were the inspiration for the color scheme on skinny New-Wave ties and the outfits of the B-52’s in their 1982 concert tour. Either way, they remind me of Italy – always a stale dusty pile of them in a milk glass candy dish on the end-table in an Italian relative’s living room, and about as tempting as those party colored long cocktail cigarettes from the late 50’s. One wonders; who first thought of making these oddities? what could possibly be sandwiched between little square slabs of stale licorice? Little pastel squares of stale rolled fondant, of course, in off tasting citrus flavors! Sometimes I think I should buy them just to make sure that they will never stop being produced…oh we will all regret the day when licorice allsorts end up in the ‘In Memoriam Candy’ section of this blog…and realize that it is our fault for not buying them…sigh*


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