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Brach’s Chewy Candies

These are available everywhere and they’re nostalgic as well. I bet many of your grandmothers had these in their candy dishes. (I think we should bring candy dishes back into our living rooms! More on that later.)

Let’s start with the orange slice. It’s so obvious that it’s rarely mentioned. However, it’s worth a second look. Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices are juicy, and slightly tangy with a good chew to them. They have a nice, orange scent and the shape is adorable, like a mini mandarin slice. The sugar coating is a little coarse, which is good, it will keep me from eating too many at once, and experiencing the Cap’n Crunch syndrome.

Next, let’s visit the Spearmint Leaves. If you aren’t a mint fan, you can skip this entry.

Just like the orange slices above, these have a good chewy texture, coarse sugar-coating and a pleasant mint taste. I wouldn’t eat too many of these at once just because too much mint, would be…well, too much. These are a great treat to eat after lunch at my desk.

Spice Drops! I am a sucker for spice drops and these are the jelly bean’s grown-up cousins. I really can’t eat too many of these at once because the flavors are a little peculiar. They’re no crazy, Harry Potter-type jelly beans, but they are a bit odd. I mean the colors don’t match the flavors. Here, I’ll try them and tell you:

yellow-I don’t know


orange-spicy orange

red-black licorice, seriously?

purple-clove? I think.

white-mint of some sort, wintergreen?

yellow again…pepper, cinnamon, I like it, I just can’t place it? Let me know if you can tell what yellow is supposed to be.

These also make lovely Christmas decorations. Fill glass apothecary jars, or stick them to styrofoam cones to make little trees.

I think Brach’s does a great job of keeping the candy dishes full!


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