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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Taste the power of Powerberries

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Trader Joe’s does it again. These were in a gift bag from my sister. I wish I had opened them when we were in Boston, because I would have gone to TJ’s and bought a case! When I opened them back home, immediately the hoarding instinct set in. “Mom, what’s that?” “Oh these, they’re, ummm,  calcium chews…”

Yes, the name Powerberries seems hokey, but you’ll get over that the second that you bite into one of these chocolates. At first glance they appear to be chocolate coated espresso beans, but a surprise lurks beneath the surface. The filling is some delicious mix of the best berries ever created. But wait, there’s more…look on the label and you’ll note the healthy vitamin C, and flavanol antioxidants. This candy really is good and good for you! Buy more than one bag at a time, otherwise you’ll be back at the store the next day. I promise.


Caramel Sauce-as smooth as velvet

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Trader Joe’s and I have a long history of unrequited love; a love for all things sweet. We don’t have a store close to my town (yet), so I return home from trips with a candy-filled suitcase. In the future I may need an entire category for their chocolates!

Last month my kind sister-in-law brought us all sorts of gifts from TJ’s. One of which was the Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce. Note the French version “Trader Jaques” on the label.

Try it, and you will only settle for this sauce, or homemade. You can taste the butter, sugar and the salt in perfect pairing. It is very thick in the jar, almost as think as a caramel candy.

I suggest serving it warm, over vanilla ice cream. This is so rich that you don’t want to pour too much, so go easy. Only pair with superior ice cream, this is not the time for frozen yogurt, or *gasp* ice milk (do they still make that?).

This is my advice, so lean in and listen….bring this as a hostess gift, wrapped up like you would a scented candle. You’ll be invited back again, and again.

Cup O’ Gold – bigger is not always better

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This is a big chocolate cup, filled with marshmallow, coconut and almonds. The chocolate was good. The marshmallow was creamy, but had leaked out of the center and was stuck to the paper liner. I couldn’t taste or see any almonds.

My main comment on this is that it’s too big. I prefer the size of Mallow Cups and I would love it if either candy maker made these in mini form. That would be so much better. If they were the size of mini Reese’s, I’d buy a lot. This is so big that if you eat it all at once, you’ll regret it.

I think I’ll pass on these next time, only due to their size.

3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp-Hmmm

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I saw this in the candy aisle yesterday and in the name of “research” I bought one. I was eating it as I drove out of the parking lot. This consists of 2 bars which look like Twix, but the top half of the bar is crunchy and the bottom half is the soft nougat, or vice versa, I didn’t check while I was eating. Now, I’m not a huge 3 Musketeers fan, they’ll do in a pinch, but are the light beer of candy. This said, I didn’t really care for the mix of textures in the bar. It seemed lacking and after I ate both bars it left my chocolate palate wanting for more flavor. I’ll skip this in the future. It’s not that it’s awful, it just isn’t worth the calories, just like light beer!

Note: photo courtesy of This is the place to find out how socially responsible your candy is…more on that later.

How Now Black Cow?

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I read on the internet that these are back after a 25-year hiatus. I tried one last week and I did not care for it much. It is a chocolate caramel, thin slab of candy. It’s chewy, and not too hard, which is good. However, the chocolate flavor left me a little flat. These come as smaller, wrapped candies, too. Those might be better than the big size.  I think I know why you don’t see these everywhere, but let me know your thoughts on this one…

Rowntree Jelly Tots- Too Good to Be True!

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You know how fond I am of the Fruit Pastilles, and now they come in teeny, tiny form, and bagged for convenience! The same flavors are available, and there are lots of the black current which is my favorite. There are a few draw backs to these candies…one is that there is lots of sugar at the bottom of the bag making it messy, two is that they are so small I can eat more than I should in a short time. I found these in the imported foods aisle at the Star Market in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. I will seek these out at any grocery store I visit, or I’ll order them online. If you see them, pick up a bag and you’ll be glad that you did.